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SNPTC is a key State-Owned Corporation which is authorized by the State Council to sign contracts with foreign parties to receive the transferred 3rd generation nuclear power technology; to execute the relevant engineering design and project management. SNPTC is a key entity and platform for the 3rd generation nuclear power technology introduction, project construction and Self-Reliance development.


Could return to China or come to work in China at least 9 months a year.

Hold a doctoral degree.

Have the experience of managing important science and technology project, or expert scholar, equivalent to professor ranking, in renowned university and research institute, this requirement can be loosen to associate professor or equivalent ranking for urgently needed personnel and person with key technology

1.4Senior technical or business management personnel who has the experience in renowned international enterprise and financial institutions

1.5Entrepreneurs who are familiar with associated industry and international regulations, with proprietary intellectual property rights or core technologies, or with innovation technologies and important scientific achievement for enterprise growth.

2.Welfare and Remuneration

2.1 Employee could apply for Thousand Talents Program according to relevant national regulations. After the application has been approved, employee will receive the welfare including disposable financial support and residence registration for any city in China accordingly.

2.2 The salary could be negotiated by both parties according to the employee’s oversea working experience, the employee and the team who join in together with their technology, the special reward shall be given based on the directly economic benefits of technology, and also they can participate in distribution as the equity and option, in accordance with prospect of technical achievements.

2.3 According to concrete conditions, employee will have the coordinate funds for scientific research facilities, and in the range of responsibility they could confirm the direction and subjects of the research, organize the research team, use the research funds themselves.

2.4 According to company regulations, employee will receive basic social security,will also provide supplementary medical insurance, corresponding level of welfare such as transportation allowance, communication allowance and vacation will also be provided.

2.5 Employee who lives alone in China could have family vacation for visit the spouse with journey cost subsidy. The spouse who comes with the employee could work arrangement or get the extra living expenses.

2.6 The above welfare and other uncertainties can be further negotiated.

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