AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant

China decided to introduce third-generation nuclear power technology AP1000, and build two AP1000 units in Sanmen, Zhejiang and Haiyang, Shandong, as supporting projects for the third-generation nuclear power self-reliance program. SNPTC, as the EPC general contractor, is coordinating the Chinese and foreign parties to tackle difficulties to promote the steady progress as scheduled of the world's first AP1000 nuclear power units. 

AP1000 Sanmen Project

Sanmen nuclear power project is the first supporting project which is officially approved by the State Council to adopt AP1000 technology. The site is located in Maotoushan peninsula, Jiantiao Town, Sanmen County, Taizhou City along the eastern coast of Zhejiang Province, 171km to the south of Hangzhou City, 83km east of Ningbo City, 51km west of Taizhou City, 150km north of Wenzhou City.

Sanmen nuclear power project was approved on July 21, 2004. On September 1, 2004, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the Sanmen Nuclear Power Phase I project proposal, approved the construction of two 6-million-kilowatt nuclear power units as Phase I, and clearly stated that the advanced third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology would be introduced through tender. The letter of invitation to tender for SNPTC self-reliance program supporting project third generation technology was issued on September 2, 2004, tenders received on February 28, 2005. Then through two years of negotiations, on December 16, 2006, China and the United States government signed a "Memorandum of Understanding of the People's Republic of China and the United States Government on cooperation with China to build advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power projects and related technology transfer," the SNPTC tendering agency announced the selection of the Westinghouse consortium as a priority successful bidder. Sanmen nuclear power project will use Westinghouse's AP1000 technology. The SNPTC would cooperate with Westinghouse Electric Co. and Shaw Group Inc. to be responsible for the implementation of the engineering, construction and project management of the self-reliance program supporting projects.


Major Milestones for Sanmen AP1000 project

AP1000 Haiyang Project

As the Owner of Haiyang project, SDNPC was in charge of early development, CI construction, commercial production and operation, and nuclear safety management to advance its project in a comprehensive way.

SNDPC was joint venture cofounded by 6 shareholders: China Power Investment Corporation, Shandong International Trust and Investment Corporation, Shandong Yantai Electic Power Development CO.,LTD, China Guodian Corporation, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Huaineng Energy and Communication Holdings Company.

Haiyang nuclear power plant built by SNDPC was located somewhere near Lengjia Zhuang and Dongjia Zhuang, Liugezhuang Town, Haiyang city, Yantai City, Shandong Province, 22km away from Haiyang city, 93km from Yantai, 107km from Qingdao and 100km from Weihai.

The power plant was planning to build 6 PWR Units of 1000 megawatt magnitude and leave out room for expansion. Phase I was expected to invest 40 billion RMB in constructing 2 AP1000 PWR units with 1000 megawatt installed capacity.

Major milestones for Haiyang AP1000 nuclear project