CAP1400 Nuclear Power Plant

Brief Introduction to Major Program

The large-scaled advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant (hereinafter referred to as PWR Major Program) is the subkey of one of the sixteen major programs listed in China's plan for scientific and technological development until 2020 (2006~2020), as well as one symbolic program for China to be an innovative country. Based on the strategic policy made by the Party Central Committee and State Council, PWR Major Program aims to firstly digest, absorb and fully grasp AP1000 advance technology, then form the Chinese brand of large-scaled advanced PWR with bigger generation capacity and China’s exclusive proprietary through innovation and development.

On Feb 15th, 2008, the Standing Committee of State Council approved in principle the Overall Implementation Program of Large-scaled Advanced Pressurize Water Reactor and approved SNPTC to be the executor of PWR Major Program Demonstration Project.

Over the years, bearing in mind its mission and obligation, SNPTC works out its “three-step” strategy for third generation nuclear power self-reliant development, that is, relying on self-reliant NPP construction, as well as the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of AP1000 technology to unswervingly promote and accomplish the PWR Major Program Demonstration Project (CAP1400).

The first step, expats take lead and Chinese fully participate to construct four AP1000 units as self-reliant project, and basically generate standardized design of AP1000 NPP in coastal site; the second step, Chinese take lead and expats provide support to complete AP1000 standardized design, able to construct AP1000 nuclear power unit in both coastal and inland site; the third step, achieve the overall self-innovation of PWR Major Program, create CAP 1400 standardized design, accomplish CAP1400 Major Program Demonstration Project, scale up the construction of CAP1400 and launch the pre-study of CAP1700.

The code of PWR Major Program Demonstration Project is CAP1400, thereinto: “C” is the initial of the English word “China”, “A” and “P” are respectively two initials for English words “Advanced” and “Passive”, the definition of CAP1400 is China’s advanced passive nuclear power technology with installed capacity of 1.4 million KW.

It is the dream of China’s energy and nuclear power industry to possess its own large-scaled advanced nuclear power technology with proprietary intellectual property rights. Only by achieving that dream could China truly turn into a “strong nuclear power country” from “big nuclear power country”, as satisfying independent development of domestic nuclear power, implement the “going global” strategy for nuclear power technology and win global nuclear power order like America, France, and South Korea.

Led, implemented and promoted by SNPTC , PWR Major Program has made solid progress and achieved remarkable results. China’s self-innovative “big nuclear power” has set sail.

PWR Major Program Collaborative Research Trend Has Been Formed

The National PWR Major Program’s implementation management model has been formed and the construction schedule of PWR Major Program Demonstration Project CAP1400 has been determined, that is to complete initial design by the end of 2011, pour the first concrete in 2013 and join the grid by the end of December, 2017.

SNPTC establishes research subjects for nuclear power major common technologies and key equipment and material development in order to promote the progress of the entire nuclear power industry, makes full use of domestic and foreign resources and promote the PWR Major Project multi-faceted and pragmatic cooperation, actively organizes 103 units from domestic nuclear power industry, equipment manufacturing industry, research institutes, universities and others to work on PWR Major Project technology research and development, submits 70 projects’ applications and budget books to the National Energy Administration and carries out substantive cooperation with Westinghouse, Oregon State University on CAP1400 assessment and related bench tests.

Important Progress Has been made in PWR Major Program Scientific Research

Actively organize relevant units to carry out PWR Major Program related nuclear power key technology and equipment localization development and research, and significant progress has been made in some subjects.

The major research and development tasks of AP1000 nuclear island design technology, equipment design technology and others have been completed, as well as the preliminary design of the localization AP1000 nuclear power plant standard design. The CAP1000 standard design, covering the nuclear island, conventional island and BOP, meets the Chinese legal requirements. SNPTC masters the AP1000 nuclear island steel containment vessel whole set manufacturing technology, becoming the first country in the world to master this technology. SNPTC made a breakthrough in AP1000 nuclear safety class zirconium material manufacturing and made progress in localized new zirconium alloys development, as well as made great achievements in the digestion and absorption of AP1000 shielding electric pump, squib valves and others. The first AP1000 nuclear power shielding reactor coolant pump has successfully completed the final endurance test. The localization of AP1000 reactor pressure vessel and steam generator manufacturing as well as AP1000 reactor internals and control rod drive mechanism manufacturing was achieved.

Major research and development tasks in major common technology and key equipment and materials research work, large forgings manufacturing technology for third-generation nuclear power key equipment, and oversized cooling tower and others are completed. The manufacturing technology of AP1000 reactor coolant pipes was mastered. A breakthrough in steam generator alloy 690 U-tube development was made. The initial success of nuclear power critical software independent development and China's advanced nuclear power standard specification system research and others was achieved. All the above achievements provide strong technical support to the localization of self-reliant projects’ equipment and material and independent design of follow-up project.

The conceptual design of CAP1400 technology research and development was completed and passed the national examination at the end of 2010. A preliminary design was completed in 2011, which was submitted for national review after reviewed and modified internally. CAP1400 PSAR was submitted to the National Nuclear Security Administration at the end of March, 2012, covering 4 sections of fire-fighting, occupational safety, occupational health and physical protection. CAP1400 construction design work started in 2012. CAP1400 key components and nuclear safety-related six tests progress smoothly overall and test bench alteration and construction work is in full swing. ACME test bench FCD and IVR test bench construction were virtually completed. The PCS water distribution test and water film cold test have started. The Moisture Separator device hot performance test based on the 1st program was completed and the tests based on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th program are scheduled to begin. Substantial research for CAP1400 equipment development, nuclear safety review technique and other subjects was carried out and great achievement was achieved.

Actively Promote the Preparatory Work for the Construction of PWR Major Program CAP1400 Demonstration Project

Building PWR major program CAP1400 demonstration project nuclear power plant is a sign of China's third-generation nuclear power technology innovation, but also an integral test and verification platform for the third-generation nuclear power technology innovation and development. The PWR major program CAP1400 demonstration project has been listed in the National Development and Reform Commission's adjusted "Medium-and Long-term Nuclear Power Development Plan."

With support of the relevant departments, Shidaowan site, Rongcheng, Weihai City, Shandong Province was selected as the site for PWR major program CAP1400 demonstration project. The CAP1400 demonstration project level one schedule has been submitted to the leading group of national major programs for approval. "Preliminary feasibility report" has been approved by the Electric Power Planning and Design Institute. At present, "Site safety analysis report" and "Environmental impact evaluation report (the site selection phase)" have been reported to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the National Nuclear Security Administration; the "Feasibility report" and the "Project proposal" have been prepared. Demonstration project oceans use application and site protection has made progress, and the conditions to carry out site preparation work have been ready.

As the owner of PWR major program demonstration project jointly funded by the SNPTC and China Huaneng Group, State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant Co., Ltd was established on Dec 17, 2009, and will have overall responsibility of construction management and commercial operation of PWR major program demonstration project CAP1400 and CAP1700, the national major science and technology program CAP1400 demonstration project has entered a substantive stage.