Social Responsibility


Voluntary work

Employees have participated actively in blood donation without payment, voluntary tree planting, traffic management assistance and other voluntary work. SNERDI (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute), SNPDRI (State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute), SDEPCI (Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute),SNPEC (State Nuclear Power

Engineering Company), SNPAS (State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company), SNPEMC (Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Company), SPERI (Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute) and other subsidiaries have their own voluntary teams to deliver voluntary services periodically.


case: Voluntary service for “the 3rd Asian Beach Games”

In 2011, SDEPCI Youth League Committee and SNPEC Haiyang Youth League Branch have arranged the young employees on the project to provide voluntary service for the organizing committee during the beach games

preparation phase.Both were conferred the honorary title “excellent voluntary service provider for the 3rd Asian Beach Games one-year countdown series activities and test events”.


SNPDRI blood donation Participating in the joint efforts to build CMDP (China Marrow Donor Program)
The founding of SPERI voluntary team Volunteers assisting in traffic management
Volunteers helping clean the street Tree Planting- SNPEC