Social Responsibility

Community Service

SNPTC has taken an active part in community development. It also pays close attention to the disadvantaged makes efforts to help out poverty-stricken areas and strives to pay back to society.

Community Harmony

Company headquarter and subsidiaries have participated actively in the development of their respective communities, promoted local employment, supported new community projects, helped solve community difficulties and facilitated local economic development.


SNERDI promoting “harmony” culture in community SNERDI extending regards to fire brigade branch officers and men in Xuhui District


Case: Build Suo Qian Wang Jia Village “Supportive Road”

Suo Qian Wang Jia village lies about 1.5 km to the west of State Nuclear Power Pressurized Water Reactor Demonstration Project site. The area is underdeveloped and has poor transportation conditions. In 2011, State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant (SNPDP) helped villagers to build the road between Suo Qian Wang village committee and spring tea factory so that the transportation conditions were improved. As a result, it facilitates villagers’ access to the tea garden and work in the tea factory and enhances safety. And the friendship between SNPDP and Suo Qian Wang village was enriched.

SNPDP was appraised as Rongcheng 2011 new socialist countryside construction “advanced supportive unit”.

        SNPDP helping build concrete road