R&D of Nuclear Power

Centered on model pre-research and development, targeting front-line, core, high-end and application technology, SNPTC is to establish a number of world-leading nuclear power disciplines with corporate characteristics, forming a condition with frontier technology development, core technical support and high-end technical service. To create an innovation platform which is accessible to the whole world with I taking the lead, SNPTC takes the Major Program as the mainline, establish “SNPTC” innovation system guided by market and based on production, study, research and application, train a world leading nuclear power research team and build a state level civil nuclear reactor research base, which helps “SNPTC” become an advanced passive nuclear power technology brand, better supports China nuclear power industry development, and facilitates the application and business of technology.

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute: Granted with first class engineering design certificate, first class engineering consulting certificate, first class construction cost consulting certificate, first class building intelligent certificate, containment vessel design certificate, pressure piping design certificate, nuclear pressure-bearing equipment design certificate, foreign trade and cooperation certificate. With 30 years of design and research practice, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute accumulates rich experience, trains a large team of nuclear technical personnel, and becomes a comprehensive engineering design institute with abundant technical strength and complete set of disciplines. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute has become a nation-leading institute in the field of nuclear engineering design and research. It has designed Qin Shan Nuclear Power Plant, won the design contract of Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Plant and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant phase 2 project, independently undertaken Qinshan Phase 3 nuclear project CI and BOP construction management.

Currently, it is introducing and absorbing 3rd generation nuclear technology and making innovations. It is also involved in the large-scale and advanced PWR Major Program. It is responsible for providing the overall design, engineering and technical service for Sanmen phase 1 and Haiyang phase 1 projects. In advanced PWR Major Program, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute, as the design and research responsible party, takes lead in organizing colleges and institutes across the country to carry out the research and design work. Meanwhile, it has been subcontracted with the design of Liao Ning Hongyanhe nuclear power project and provides operation technical service to Qinshan nuclear power base and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant. Besides the great achievements in nuclear projects, it has gained rich experience in the planning of large and middle scale industrial and corporate projects, civil architecture, municipal engineering, design drawing review, project surveillance and consultation service.

State Nuclear Power Software Development Center:undertake the task of Major Program research and development; make a development plan of long-term nuclear power software; focus on software development standards and evaluation methods, reactor core physics-thermal design and system security analysis software packages, development of nuclear power plant probabilistic safety analysis software packages (PSA), development of serious accidents analysis software packages, advanced simulation techniques and numerical analysis, establishment of nuclear power software verification and evaluation database; establish a development plan based on the core procedure of COSINE (core design and system security analysis integrated software package ). Key laboratory of state energy nuclear power software was approved to build in October 2011, treating State Nuclear Power Software Development Center as the main construction body, and aiming to promote nuclear power technology transformation and form engineered and industrialized nuclear power software.

State Nuclear Power Research Institute (Beijing):State Nuclear Power Research Institute (Beijing) (hereinafter referred to as SNPRI) is a comprehensive research organization to do the research into basic technology of nuclear power application, nuclear strategic prospective technology, software development and computer stimulation techniques, test verification technology, technical economy, information technology as well as nuclear power technology standard.

Up to now, nine special subjects of large-scale advanced PWR Major Program has been set up and entered into implementation phase, including three test subjects of CAP 1400 technology research and development, four subjects of major common technology, key equipments as well as reactor core and security research in material research, one subject of AP1000 technology digestion and absorption and one subject of CAP1700 pre-research of overall technical schemes.

In addition, SNPRI is also active in declaring subjects in the state, provincial and ministerial projects, such as the Major Program, “12th Five-Year” nuclear energy development project, “technical innovation and capital and technology research and development project”, “nuclear and radiation security regulatory program” and the like. SNPRI has also made a number of fruitful results in publishing paper, patent, technical standard as well as obtaining science and technology awards.

SNPRI will carry out the research and development in the future in nuclear power safety technology, nuclear power plant economic analysis and standardization, fuel assembly structural material research, nuclear software development, advanced technology of nuclear energy, application of information technology and other fields and as appropriate, develop the reprocessing, decommissioning and fusion related technology to broaden its research and development direction.

  Research and Development Overview of SNPRI

Construction Plan of the State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base

State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base will be an innovation base equipped with high- level scientific and technical talents and established by SNPTC in response to central government’s “introduction of one thousand high-level talents plan”. It will become a platform of integrated “production and academic research”, nuclear technology independent innovation as well as international exchange of nuclear power technology, and a pool of high-level talents at home and abroad.

State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base will form a complete scientific and research system as well as research and development team, committed to establish an international large-scale nuclear power technology testing base and provide a strong guarantee for Chinese independent development of the third generation and more advanced nuclear power crucial technology.

The establishment of State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base will be propitious to improve the research and development ability in large-scale advanced pressurized reactor crucial technology, engineering verification, cleaning energy engineering technology, intelligent power plant control technology and improve independent research management skill of state advanced nuclear power software, providing reliable guarantee for technical communication and training.

  Daytime overlooking of State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base

 Construction commencement ceremony of State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base

  Administrative, Research and Development Building of State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base Main structure of Number 1 and Number 2 building was accomplished by end of March, 2012.