Nuclear Power Equipment & Material Manufacturing

Fully grasp design technology of nuclear power key equipment, organize and coordinate to solve key technological issues of equipment manufacturing so as to assist domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises in developing the ability for AP/CAP major equipment supply. Develop the capabilities for the research and development, manufacturing and operation guarantee and service for four items, that is, canned motor pump and wet winding primary pump, nuclear class zirconium and hafnium materials, integrated CV, structural modules and equipment modules, and IHP, platform for reactor protective system and control system. Organize and establish independent, integrated and authoritative nuclear power equipment qualification system and national nuclear class equipment and material qualification and consultancy center from a high starting point. By providing market, technology and management support to equipment manufacturing enterprises and by various cooperation forms such as money and technology investment, qualified suppliers management, design platform sharing, SNPTC establishes passive pressurized water reactor series nuclear power plant equipment and material supply chain, dominated by SNPTC and with complete facilities, and a set of core competitive capacities in nuclear power main equipment and material design and manufacturing.

Steel Containment Vessel (CV): AP1000 CV is a barrier to prevent radioactive substances from releasing into the environment. At the same time, CV is passive safety heat exchange interface for ultimate heat sink and key functional equipment, together with air baffle and stainless steel weir installed outside surface of CV, for passive safety cooling system. CV is about 40 meters in diameter, 66 meters in height. Total volume is about 60,000 cubic meters and the total weight is about 4000 tons.

Structural module: seismic class 1 structures and a part of building structure. There are 99 structural modules for each unit and the total weight is about 2800 tons.

Mechanical module: the functional section of nuclear power plant system. It includes equipment module, piping module and is mainly located in reactor building, auxiliary building and diesel generator building. There are 58 mechanical modules for each unit, including 7 safety related modules.。

AP1000 Integrated Head Package (IHP) simplifies reactor refueling operation process, reduces outage time, decreases personal radiation dose and enhances the safety of reactor refueling process. At the same time, IHP reduces assembly interfaces between main equipment of NI site and improves the efficiency of main equipment installation.

Reactor protective system and platform based on FPGA technology: New generation reactor protective system and platform is based on FPGA technology. Its distinctive system structure design comprehensively improves the safety, reliability, testability and verifiability. This new system will become the first protective system approved by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with its own certificate and complete independent intellectual property rights in China.

Diverse Actuation System (DAS): DAS is diverse backup equipment of rector protective system. DAS implements defense-in-depth significant safety function and is an important equipment to improve the safety of nuclear power units.

Control rod control system and control rod position indication system: AP1000 rod control and rod position system divides power supply cabinets into mobile cabinet and selecting cabinet. By sharing mobile cabinet, equipment utilization is improved. Rod position detector uses parity coil, improving the accuracy and reliability. Drop rod test cabinet can achieve measuring rod drop time in real-time online.

Squib valves control device: As the critical equipment for controlling the ignition of squib valve and in view of its irreversible characteristics after being triggered, such device must have high reliability. Squib valves control device researched by State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company will be used in CAP1400 project.

Nuclear class zirconium alloy materials and cladding