Design & EPC of AP/CAP Nuclear Power Plant

The company closely centers on pre-research and development of NPP type, aims at leading-edge, core, high-end and applied technologies, exerts itself to build up a number of nuclear power technology disciplines that embody its own characteristics and reach the international first-class level, and intends to achieve cutting-edge technological development supported by core technologies and high-end technical services. By setting up a platform for innovation which is primarily domestic-oriented but open to the whole world, following the mainline of major special project, and establishing an innovation system of SNPTC that is market-oriented and of industry-university-research-application integration, the company will cultivate an internationally leading nuclear power technology research team and become a national research base for civil nuclear reactor engineering, making SNPTC’s brand of advanced passive nuclear power technology with proprietary intellectual property rights the core technology that largely underpins the development of nuclear power industry of China. It is also the company’s mission to promote the transformation of research achievements and carry out technology management.