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Haiyang 1 Pre-service Inspection Completed

  • March 14,2017
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On March 9 11:15, ultrasonic examination of reactor vessel head vent was performed, signifying that the pre-service inspection of Haiyang Unit 1 has been completed.

Starting from July, 2014, the pre-service inspection is implemented in four stages as per nuclear safety codes, standards and relevant technical requirements. And all the nuclear I, II, III and MC equipment, piping welds and components have been inspected.

To start the inspection as planned, preparations began in 2013, including drawing up the in-service inspection plan, performing competence verification, preparing test coupon, making technical plans for special inspections and establishing document system. During the inspection, all participating parties cooperated closely to strengthen process management and carried out the inspection in a safe and efficient way.

The successful completion of the Unit 1 pre-service inspection suggests that the equipment and piping are manufactured and installed as per the codes and standards and provides reference data for the follow-on in-service inspection. The submittal of pre-service inspection results and the approval of in-service inspection plan have laid a sound foundation for the fuel loading of Haiyang Unit 1.


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