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Haiyang Unit 2 pumps delivered on site

  • March 07,2017
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On March 5 8:36, the last reactor coolant pump (RCP) of Haiyang Unit 2 –SN17 was delivered to the dock near the site; so far, all the RCPs for Unit 2 have arrived on site.



The RCPs for the AP1000 self-reliance projects, with a design life of 60 years, are manufactured by the EMD. They are vertical, single stage, hermetically sealed, high inertia and centrifugal pumps with variable-speed squirrel-cage motors driven by variable frequency drivers. The pumps, as Class I equipment, are highly technical, structurally complicated and difficult to manufacture.

Shandong Nuclear Power Company (SDNPC) has attached great importance to the SN17 delivery through making plans and coordinating relevant parties to make concerted efforts for the safe delivery. Immediately after the arrival, SDNPC performed the lifting and unloading as per the RCP lifting plan and risk prevention procedure.



Arrival of all the RCPs for the Unit 2, marking the successful delivery of all main equipment for the AP1000 self-reliance projects, has laid a solid foundation for the follow-on installation and the cold functional test.


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