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Haiyang Unit 2 First RCP Installed

  • March 06,2017
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On February 27 15:28, the heat exchanger for the first reactor coolant pump (RCP) of the Haiyang Unit 2 was installed, which brings an end to the RCP installation. The whole installation took 21.6 days.



The RCP installation is characteristic of limited space for operation, complex procedures and high requirement for jacking precision. To ensure safety and quality, the Shandong Nuclear Power Company (SDNPC) organized and coordinated relevant units to study the prerequisites to optimize construction logics and made a special installation plan to get fully prepared in terms of.



During the installation, SDNPC, in charge of the overall supervision and management, required the participating parties on site to strictly follow the installation plan, coordinated various resources and efficiently solved problems to ensure smooth installation. The successful installation of the RCP has laid a good foundation for the cold functional test of the Unit 2.


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