International Cooperation


Ever since the introduction of AP1000 nuclear technology, construction of AP1000 self-reliant projects and development of CAP1400, SNPTC has been continuously expanding and deepening the cooperation with Westinghouse Consortium and other partners, in order to advance nuclear technology and satisfy the needs of world-wide nuclear development.


SNPTC maintained sound cooperative relations with Westinghouse Consortium in introducing AP1000 technology and constructing self-reliant projects. Both parties have further deepened their collaboration in major projects research & development (R&D), nuclear sponge Zr, fuel element fabrication, joint R&D organization and overseas market development.

 I & C / LPP Cooperation with Westinghouse



Cooperation with Shaw Group Inc. for AP1000 project construction


 Cooperation with Lockheed Martin in NPP digital protection system R&D



Cooperation with KSB on CAP1400 wet winding pump development

SNPTC has collaborated with Hamon (Belgium) in co-developing super large cooling tower for in-land NPP.

SNPTC has conducted sound exchanges and cooperation with Babcock & Wilcox and Tara Energy in technological innovation such as developing small modular reactor and traveling wave reactor.


Cooperation MOU with Doosan


SNPTC and its subsidiary State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant Co., Ltd have joined World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

 SNPTC works closely with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and led the establishment of ASME China International Working Group (CIWG).

Academic Exchanges with IAEA